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Documentary Photography

Free Tibet Project
Distant Dreams
Bayul House
Losar Night
Jordan and his Paintings
Bollywood Yoga
Tibet Sunday School
The Mantel Pieces
Sunday School
Before Singing
Tibetan Lives

The country of Tibet has been occupied by China for nearly 60 years, and the Tibetans living there are denied many basic human rights. Many generations of its citizens who have fled now live in exile across the globe because of this, causing ‘Tibetan diaspora’. In 2014, I began photographing the Tibetans in Boston and looking at a psychological displacement and sense of loss, which links through the generations. In connection to this, I am looking at their immersion into a Western society while simultaneously upholding their native culture, which creates a complex relationship between their past and present identity. Through documenting this community I hope to show my audience of the Tibetan people’s yearning for their home, which is kept alive in their minds.

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